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Ultrasonic High Speed Woven Tape Cutting Machine Ultrasonic High Speed Woven Tape Cutting Machine

The high speed ultrasonic webbing tape cutting machine is able to cut different kinds of webbing and ribbons, such as labels, elastic bands, narrow woven fabrics, belts, straps and much more. The cutting edge is neat and smooth, no burrs, no loose edges.

  • WL-D310
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  • Description
  • Technical Data
  • Automatic sealing, neat and smooth cutting edge, no burrs, no loose edges.

  • PLC control, feeding, cutting, and counting can be completed at one time.

  • Cutting material: webbing tape, elastic belts, nylon webbing, colored ribbons, backpack belts, shoe laces and other nylon materials.

  • Adopt high-quality ultrasonic generator and control system.

  • Support cutting different shapes, and the mold is easy to change.

  • Electronic eye is optional to track cutting labels and patterned materials.

Ultrasonic frequency18 khz
Power220v, 1.8kw
Packing size610*610*960 (L*W*H) mm

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