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Heavy-duty Wire and Cable Feeder Machine Heavy-duty Wire and Cable Feeder Machine

This is an automatic wire spool dereeler machine used for pre-feeding wires to wire cutting and stripping machines.

  • WL-810
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○ This machine is used for automatically feeding wires and cables for wire and cable cutting & stripping machines.     

○ When the wire cutting and stripping machine works, the tension wheel moves accordingly, and the potentiometer rotates through the sprocket, and the potentiometer feeds back the signal to the inverter to control the speed of the pay-off motor, thereby controlling the speed of the wire-feeding to be synchronized with the wire cutting and stripping machine.

Model WL-810
Applicable wire size 10-185 mm2
Ultimate load-bearing 1000KG
Outer diameter of reel 500-1000MM
Reel inner diameter 53-85MM
Reel width 320-800MM
Weight 700KG
Power motor 3KW
Lifting motor power 1.5KW

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