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Headphone Jack Plug Soldering Machine Headphone Jack Plug Soldering Machine

This headphone connector soldering machine is mainly used for welding headphone plugs onto earphone cables. Featuring fast welding speed, it can increase productivity and save cost.

  • WL-200ESH
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  • Description
  • Technical Data
  • Mainly used for soldering headphone plugs onto headphone cables

  • Using imported ceramic heating core, low pressure heating, safe and reliable

  • RTD sensor temperature control, rapid temperature rise, accurate and reliable

  • Fully automatic tinning function, the tinning speed, tin output, tinning interval can be adjusted, and the tin return function can reduce waste

  • Anti-static design to prevent sensitive electronic parts from being damaged by static electricity

  • Fully automatic and manual tin feeding mode is available, and the number of tinning can be set

Power supplysingle phase AC 220V 50Hz
Operation formserial operation
Control modeconstant temperature
Weightabout 230kg
Customization available

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