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Fully Automatic Wire Feeding Machine Fully Automatic Wire Feeding Machine

This automatic wire feeding machine/wire pay-off stand is used to put cables with reels, including multi-core cables and single-core cables. Its maximum processing diameter is 10mm.

  • WL-600C
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  • A gas-electric integrated automatic wire feeding machine with brake function;

  • Suitable for most wire harness processing needs. It’s small and easy to move;

  • Mainly used to put multi-core and single-core cables with reels. It can process cables with diameter up to 10mm.


Model WL-600C
Dimensions 125x115x143mm
Weight 120kg
Max wire diameter  10mm
Weight capacity 80kg
Reel outside diameter 300-630mm
Reel inner diameter 63mm
Coil thickness 300-630mm



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