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Fully Automatic Wire Cutting Winding Tying Machine Fully Automatic Wire Cutting Winding Tying Machine

Fully automatic wire cutting winding tying machine, manufacturer direct sale, good quality, low price. Accurate meter counting with figure 8 single tying and double tying ability.

  • WL-CR8
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  • Automatic accurate meter counting, precise cutting, winding and tying machine with figure 8 single tying and double tying ability;

  • Suitable for large and small wires, including USB cable, DC cable, power cord, etc.;

  • Up to 700 pieces / hour, saving labor;

  • Vertical door, high security, maintenance and debugging is convenient and quick. The overall appearance is more stereoscopic and more beautiful;

  • Easy to operate, maintain and debug;

  • Small size and space saving;

  • The finished product is beautiful, generous, neat and easy to pack;

  • Ergonomic design to reduce fatigue;

  • Adopt the original SMC cylinder imported from Japan and a full set of pneumatic components from Taiwan AirTAC.

Model YH-CR8 
Function Wire cutting, winding, tying
Applicable wires USB/DC/AC wires
Main electrical motor servo and step
Voltage 210-240V 5A
Applicable zipper coated iron core
Gas consumption Air consumption of ordinary peeling machine
Air pressure 0.4-0.6MPA
Power consumption 12 hours 1.5 degree
Theoretical output 700PCS/H
Finished type 8-character single ligature
Line spacing 200-350mm
Cutting precision 5/1000
Cutting length ≥15MM
Ligation diameter ≦ 45MM
Head length 40-150MM
Tail length >40-150MM
Size (mm) 1500*1100*1620mm



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