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Elastic Staple Fastening System Elastic Staple Fastening System

The elastic staple fastener machine is a flexible system secures items to flat card surfaces or multi-level card packaging designs. Replacing conventional manual packaging methods, the elastic staple fastening machine can help cut time and steps in packaging production. This, in turn, can help increase uptime, reduce operator workload, and reduce material costs.

  • WL-31801M
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  • Description
  • Specifications
  • The elastic staple system is used to replace the traditional packaging methods such as cable ties, paper ropes and iron wires, which can increase your packaging speed and production

  • Adjustable needle pitch range: 10-80MM

  • Effective needle height: 120MM

  • One binding action only takes 0.5 seconds

  • The stability and efficiency of this elastic staple fastener machine benefit from the smooth 3D dynamic modeling design and the precision machining of internal movement parts.

  • Our elastic staples are made of imported special polyurethane materials, which are safe and environmentally friendly and naturally degradable.

Adjustable needle pitch range10 MM-80 MM
Drive mode Pneumatic(pedal version) free hands, more flexible
Standard needle length100 MM
Standard length of thimble165 MM
The blade configurationLeft/right universal blade
Effective needle length space 120 MM
Needle diameter2.3 MM
The host weight3.8 KG
Total weight23.5 KG
Overall dimension (CM)95 *48*60 (height * depth * width)
Aluminum frame80*80 reinforced aluminum bracket
Table top 48*60 painted metal working face
Integral parts processing methodPrecision machining/stainless steel, aluminum alloy
Machine configurationMain engine head aluminum frame black lacquer work surface reel bracket

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