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Ultrasonic Elastic Band Fabric Cutting Machine Ultrasonic Elastic Band Fabric Cutting Machine

This is a fully automatic ultrasonic elastic webbing cutting machine. The cutting effect is smooth and beautiful. One worker can operate multiple machines at a time, which greatly saves labor.

  • WL-SJD611
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○ Automatic edge sealing, no loose edges, no burning, no blackening, no burrs  

○ High quality transducer with strong power and good stability

○ PLC program control, simple and intuitive operation

○ The length can be set and adjusted arbitrarily, and the manipulator can automatically clamp and pull the material.

○ Fixed knife holder design, more stable cutting

○ Application industry: This machine is widely used in clothing industry, shoe and hat industry, luggage manufacturing industry, craft decoration industry, packaging industry, etc.

○ Cutting materials: elastic and non-elastic webbing

Model WL-SJD611
Air pressure 3-6 KG/cm2
Voltage 220V
Efficiency 20-60pcs/min
Ultrasonic frequency 18KHZ
Rated power 1.8KW
Weight 175KG
Dimensions 2500*880*1100 (L*W*H)mm

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