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DC Power Cords Coiling and Tying Machine DC Power Cords Coiling and Tying Machine

The DC power cable coiling and bundling machine can complete coil winding and twisting tie at one time.

  • WL-680-DC
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○ Cable coil winding and bundling can be finished at one time

○ The length of the wire head, wire tail and wire coil can be adjusted

○ The whole machine is controlled by PLC and servo motor. The operation is simple, saving labor and increasing output.

Model WL-680-DC
Capacity 1,100-1,400PCS/H
Wire head size  0-100mm
Wire tail size 30-400mm
Wire winding length 120-220mm
Wire length Max. 4,000mm
Operating air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Power ≤1.6kw/h
Machine weight 220KG
Machine size 1005mm*690mm*1560mm

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