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Copper Foil Tape Wrapping Machine for Cable and Wire Copper Foil Tape Wrapping Machine for Cable and Wire

This is a copper foil tape wrapping machine for wires and cables. The enveloped dia. is up to 10mm (only for round wires).

  • WL-TP
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  • Description
  • Technical Data
  • Silver linear slide, high-precision stepper motor, low wear, responsive, high efficiency

  • Using PLC programming controller to achieve high-precision control

  • The industrial-grade motor high subdivision drive ensures the equipment running accurate, stable, reliable and efficient

  • Friendly man-machine interface, full-featured, easy to operate, quick and clear, stable work

Model WL-TP
Enveloped diameter up to 10mm (only for round wire)

Available copper foil tape

the width is up to 12mm (the copper foil tape must have two layers and one layer of copper foil is used for scrap recycling)
Efficiency 900 - 1200pcs/h
Power supply 220V/50Hz 800W
Air source Not less than 5KGf/cm2
Dimensions 550 x360x390mm 
Weight 35kg

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