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Clothing Trademark Printing Machine Clothing Trademark Printing Machine

The precise amount of ink is transferred to the flexographic resin plate by the precise anilox roller, and then directly imprinted on the tape, and dried by the built-in dryer to complete the entire printing process. After printing, the strip is placed in a constant temperature oven for 3-8 hours to achieve the effect of non-discoloration.

  • WL-C402
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  • The machine is simple and flexible in operation and strong in mechanical stability. The print length can be changed by any conversion gear plate. Printing color is firm, color fastness, washable

  • The ink fountain is unique in design and can be used to print water-based inks and oil-based inks.

  • Washable, no fading.

  • A corresponding printing cylinder can be used for different sizes.

  • Printing is widely used for printing textile accessories, washing labels, paper, and various roll materials.

Printing Area108-400mm
Max. Printing Width155mm
Max. Printing Speed60m/min
PowerAC220 4KW
Dimensions (LxWxH)1580x680x1850

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