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Cable Cutting Sheath Peeling and Core Stripping Machine Cable Cutting Sheath Peeling and Core Stripping Machine

This cable cutting sheath peeling and core insulation stripping machine is suitable for processing of wires from 10 – 70 sq mm.

  • WL-70HT
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  • Description
  • Technical Data
  • Description
  • Technical Data
  • Automatically cut and strip multi-conductor sheathed cables ranging from 6-50 sq mm

  • Widely used for processing of cables used in new energy motors, charging stations, electronic control, and high-voltage power cables used in BC

  • Automatically cut and strip the sheath at both ends, and at the same time, perform multi-layer insulation peeling processing

Display7 inch true color touch screen
Wire availablesheathed cable 10-70mm2
Cutting length1mm-99999.99mm
Cutting tolerancewithin 0.002*L (L=cut length)
Max diameter of conduitΦ25
Rear strippingcable full stripping, Max. 260mm
Front strippingRV cable full stripping Max. 120mm, sheathed cable full stripping Max. 500mm
  • This machine is suitable for processing multi-core sheathed cables and special single core wires.

  • Wire cutting, outer sheath stripping and inner core insulation stripping can be done samutaniously, saving labor and improving processing quality.

  • Different sets of blades perform wire cutting, the outer sheath stripping and inner core peeling. The incision is neat and the peeling quality is stable.

  • Up to 100 sets of storage capacity, so that all kinds of processing data can be completely saved and retrieved at any time.

Display7-inch LCD
Wire diameter3.0-8.0mm
Min. diameter0.6mm
Cutting depth unit0.01mm
Stripping accuracy±0.1mm
Stripping layerup to 8 layers (adjustable)
Production efficiency

750-1300Pcs/h (depending on the cutting length, and the maximum speed can be reached 

when the total length is 100mm)

Rotary blades2 blades, imported tungsten steel
V blades2 blades, swedish high speed steel
Power220/110V 50Hz (customizable)
Air pressure0.4~0.6Mpa
Drive modemotor\ball screw drive
Storage100 sets of cable processing data
Working environment0-45 degrees, dry and vibration-free work surface  

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