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Automatic Wire 8-Shape Coiling and Bundling Machine Automatic Wire 8-Shape Coiling and Bundling Machine

The automatic wire coiling and bundling machine winds wires into 8-shape coils and bundles the coil with one tie.

  • WL-81M
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  • Technical Data
  • Winding 8-shape coils and bundling with one tie

  • Speed: up to 1500pcs/h, saving labor

  • Simple and easy to operate, easy to maintain

  • The finished product is beautiful, generous, neat and easy to pack

  • Ergonomic design to reduce fatigue

  • Adopts the original SMC cylinder imported from Japan and a full set of pneumatic components from Taiwan AirTAC

Theoretical output1,500pcs/h (depending on the wire)
Winding distance110-300mm
Rod diameter48mm
Applicable outer diameterφ10.0mm (depending on the wire)
Head length0-100mm
Tail length0-500mm
Lap speedadjustable
Main motor1,000w double servo
Voltage210-240V 5A
Power consumption1.5 degrees in 12 hours
Air consumptionair consumption of ordinary peeling machine
Air pressure0.4-0.55Mpa

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