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Semi-automatic Cable Stripping Machine

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Semi-auto Induction Wire Stripping Machine YH-2016C is a multi-wire automatic induction wire stripping machine, which is equipped with inductive start so no foot switch is required. Different wire diameters can automatically adapt to the blade value and can process different wire diameters without any adjustment. For example, If the diameters of the five core wires of a sheathed wire are different, but the stripping length is the same, then there is no need to make any adjustments, just put the five different core wire diameters into the machine and strip the wires in order. The machine can automatically adapt to the diameter of the wire and the cutting depth, which greatly improves working efficiency.

Model: YH-2016C

 Automatic Induction Wire Stripping Machine


  • Mainly used to strip different sized cables, can strip inner core wires conveniently and rapidly.

  • Driven by cylinder, smart and portable.  

  • Adopts imported pneumatic components, high precision, long life.

  • No need to change blades for stripping wires of different diameters. 

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Operation video of the semi-auto induction wire stripping machine

Technical Data

Wire rangeAWG#(2-14)(2.5-35mm²)
Applicable wiresinner core wires of sheathed cable, inner core wires of power cable, single wire
Stripping length2-30mm
Air supply0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa


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