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Pneumatic Cable Core Wires Stripping Machine WL-2015C

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WL-2015C pneumatic wire stripper is used for processing single conductors and inner conductors of multi-core cables. The pneumatically operated WL-2015C stripping machine excels with its compact design, fast cycle times and infinite settings for conductor diameters, stripping and pull-off lengths.

WL-2015C is a pneumatic wire and cable stripping machine and the perfect solution for stripping discrete wires and small multi-conductor cables up to 3.2 mm (0.12") O.D. The compact machine strips lengths up to 20 mm (0.78"). WL-2015C satisfies the ever tougher quality requirements in wire processing. High precision and short cycle times for full and partial pull-off are characteristic of WL-2015C equipped with V-blades (blades can be customized). Operating strictly electrically, the portable machine can be used anywhere a power socket is available. The ease of operation and the short cycle times make WL-2015C ideal for a great diversity of products made in small to medium quantities.

This machine has lots of advantages such as Outstanding ease of operation, Light and portable, Extremely short cycle times, No blade change necessary, Strips very short cables, Simple machine operation, Robust & reliable.

Available Material
Discrete Wire, Solid Wire, Stranded Wire, Single Conductor Cable, Wire, Cable, Rubber, PUR, PVC, Teflon®, Tefzel®, etc.

Pneumatic Cable Core Wires Stripping Machine


  • Suitable for stripping discrete wires and small multi-conductor cables

  • Extremely short cycle times

  • No need to change blade

  • Being able to strip very short cables

  • Easy-to-operate, robust and reliable

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Operation video of the Pneumatic Cable Core Wires Stripping Machine

Technical Data

Wire size range0.03 – 2.08 mm² (32 – 14 AWG)
Max. outer cable diameter3.2 mm (0.12“)
Stripping length
1-20 mm
Precision of diameter setting0.01 mm (0.001“)
Max. stripping length20 mm
Cycle timeapprox. 0.3s
Dimensions (L x W x H)265*70 *135 mm (10.4“ * 2.8“ * 5.3“)
WeightNet: 2.0 kg (4.4 lbs.)
Gross: 3.0 kg (7.7 lbs.)


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