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Heat Shrink Tubing & Heat Sleeves Processing Oven

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Heat shrink tubing provides electrical insulation, mechanical protection, environmental sealing, and strain relief. Our single side heat shrinkable tube heater comes with intelligent temperature control, is suitable for heating shrinkage of heat-shrinkable tube in wire harness processing enterprise. It can adjust the temperature according to the requirements of the production process, and the contraction time is short. It can shrink any length, and work continuously for 24 hours without interruption. There are omnidirectional reflective thermal materials, so that the heat shrinkable tube is heated evenly.
Model: WL-Z200A

Apply to:

○ Connection and contraction of PE heat shrinkable tube, PVC heat shrinkable tube and double wall heat shrinkable tube with glue.

○ Thermal shrinkage of PVC pipe.

○ Thermal contraction of capacitors, batteries, wire terminals, heat shrinkable sleeves / membranes, etc.

Equipment composition

○ Transmission system + heating system + control system

Heat insulation design of heating zone

○ The shell of the heating area is designed with double layer heat insulation, which makes the inside and outside temperature separate, that is to save energy and protect the working environment.

Omni-directional heat reflecting inner wall
○The heat reflecting inner wall in the heating box ensures the uniform heating effect of the heating.

Adjustable Import and export height

○ The conveyor belt heating box is completely closed, the input and output end of the heating box has a sliding door that can rise and fall, effectively prevent the heat source from leakage, protect the working environment, energy conservation, and increase the machine's ability to use one machine in many different jobs.

Adjustable infrared heating pipe height

○ The infrared heating tube can adjust the height quickly. Ensure repeatability of distance between light source and conveyor belt.
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Operation video of the Heat Shrink Tubing & Heat Sleeves Processing Oven

Technical Data




Overall machine size


Control power


Heating area


Belt width


Maximum transmission width


Maximum transmission height


Conveyor belt

Material quality




The power of motor

25W(Stepless speed regulation)  

Heating pipe

Heating pipe name

Infrared heating tube

Heating pipe power

300W,6 branches 

Heating direction

Top down, single side heating


Temp Accuracy


Maximum temperature


Power Supply

Power demand

220V Two items




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