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Fully Automatic Wire and Cable Crimping Machines

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Fully automatic wire and cable crimping machines for cutting, stripping, crimping, sealing, twisting, and tinning. Suzhou Crown's fully automatic crimping machines are the ideal solution for high-speed wire processing. Our comprehensive range of cut, strip and crimp automatic machines will increase your wire processing productivity.  The combination of functionality and quick die change guarantees connector adjust-ability with high-quality results.

Fully Automatic Wire and Cable Crimping Machines

Suzhou Crown supplies semi-automatic and fully automatic wire terminal crimping machines for a variety of applications. Not all products on offer can be shown here. Contact us to assist you in identifying the machine model that best meets your requirements.

Contact us: info@kscrown.com

Operation video of Fully Automatic Wire and Cable 2-side Crimping Machine 

Operation video of cable cut strip and 1-side terminate machine


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