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Automatic DC Head Power Plug Connector Crimping Riveting Machine

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The fully automatic DC head power plug connector crimping riveting machine can complete cable outer jacket stripping, core wires stripping, wire end cutting, automatic vibrating plate feeding, and connector crimping at one time.

Automatic DC Head Power Plug Connector Crimping Riveting Machine


  • Main function: cable outer jacket stripping + inner core wires stripping + wire end cutting + automatic vibrating plate feeding + connector crimping. 

  • Features man-machine interface debugging, the whole machine is controlled by PLC and inverter, variable frequency motor, and the performance is stable.

  • Simple, safe and efficient operation.  

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Operation video of the Automatic DC Head Power Plug Connector Crimping Riveting Machine

Technical Data

Model WL-580-D   
Crimping force3T  
Inner wire stripping diameter4-7mm 
Operating air pressure0.5-0.7Mpa
Machine weight276KG
Machine size900mm*560mm*1,470mm 


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