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Coaxial Cable Spiral Stripping Machine

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Introducing the Coaxial Cable Spiral Stripping Machine, a high-quality semi-automatic wire stripper designed for efficiently stripping up to 9 layers of insulation. This machine is perfect for working with coaxial cables of varying diameters (up to 18mm) and is an essential tool for professional electricians, installers, and cable manufacturers.

Featuring advanced technology and a precision-engineered design, this wire stripper can process multiple layers of cable insulation with ease, reducing the risk of damaging the cable during the stripping process. Its semi-automatic operation ensures that it's both easy to use and highly efficient, making it the perfect choice for anyone who needs to strip cables quickly and accurately.
Coaxial Cable Spiral Stripping Machine

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With its user-friendly interface and robust construction, the Coaxial Cable Spiral Stripping machine is a must-have tool for anyone who works with cables regularly. Whether you're in the construction industry, the telecommunications sector, or simply need to work on your home wiring, this machine is the perfect solution for all your cable stripping needs.

So why wait? Invest in the Coaxial Cable Spiral Stripping machine today and enjoy fast, accurate cable stripping with the minimum of fuss. We're confident that once you've tried this innovative tool, you won't want to go back to your old manual wire stripper ever again!


○ This semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine can strip up to 9 layers;
○ The color touch screen control system makes it easy to set up various functions, and can save 50 sets of data;
○ Three working modes: automatic peeling, manual peeling, and foot switch operation peeling;
○ The transmission is driven by Japanese NSK ball bearings and wire rods to keep the motion accuracy within 0.08 mm;
○ The host control system adopts Japan OMRON high-precision PLC multi-point control system, and the performance is more stable;
○ The coaxial cable stripping machine uses a specific concentric positioning device, so that the user does not need to retrieve the center when changing the tool;
○ The blade adopts imported Swiss tungsten steel, and the precision of the cutting is ensured by 15 high-precision grinding processes with a knife edge finish of 0.0005 mm.

Operation video of the coax cable spiral stripping machine

Technical Data

Model WL-8608
Maximum processing cable diameter 18mm
Maximum skinning length 90mm
Cutting depth unit 0.01mm
Maximum stripping layers 9 layers
Weight 40KG
Power supply 110V/220V/ 50HZ
Package size 720x230x350 mm



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