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News and Machine Introductions

  • 2023
  • Cable Stripping and Pipe-shaped Pre-insulated Terminal Crimping Machine

    Introducing our professional Cable Stripping and Pipe-shaped Pre-insulated Terminal Crimping Machine. This advanced machinery is designed to effortlessly crimp a wide range of loose tubular terminals onto cables, ensuring secure and reliable connections.

  • Care Label Clothing Label Cutting Machine with Stacking Function

    Introducing the WL-103B, a high-performance label cutting machine with stacking functionality, designed specifically for garment label cutting. With its versatile cutting capabilities, this machine is a must-have for any professional in the fashion industry.

  • Wire Harness Three-Point Simultaneous Tape Wrapping Machine

    The Wire Harness Three-Point Simultaneous Tape Wrapping Machine is a professional and efficient solution for wrapping insulating tape onto wire harnesses. This multi-point tape winding machine consists of four stations, allowing for the simultaneous wrapping of multiple sections of tape onto wire harnesses.

  • Cable Shielding Braids Removing Machine

    If you're looking for a tool to remove metal braided wires and thermocouple cables, you should consider investing in a cable shielding braids removing machine. This specialized machine is designed to strip cables with special stripping electrodes, but it can also be used to refit and weld various materials, such as low-carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, copper alloys, nickel, and aluminum.

  • Flat Cable Cutting Splitting and Stripping Machine

    Are you tired of manual cable cutting, splitting, and stripping? Do you want your work to meet the highest standards of quality and precision? Look no further than our flat cable cutting, splitting, and stripping machine(Model: WL-8120PX ).

  • Automatic Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine

    Introducing our top-of-the-line product - the fully automatic wire cutting and stripping machine. Designed for industrial use, this machine is capable of handling both single-core and multi-core sheathed cables with ease.

  • Ultrasonic Cotton Rope Cutting Machine

    Introducing our highly advanced ultrasonic cotton rope cutting machine, ideal for all kinds of cutting intricacies. This efficient machine comes with a cutting die that is easily interchangeable according to customer requirements, allowing for customized special-shaped cutting.

  • Coaxial Cable Spiral Stripping Machine

    Introducing the Coaxial Cable Spiral Stripping Machine, a high-quality semi-automatic wire stripper designed for efficiently stripping up to 9 layers of insulation. This machine is perfect for working with coaxial cables of varying diameters (up to 18mm) and is an essential tool for professional electricians, installers, and cable manufacturers.

  • New Energy Connector Tightening Machine

    Introducing our latest innovation - the New Energy Connector Tightening Machine, designed specifically for the tightening of new energy nuts. With its precision and speedy action, this machine is an excellent addition to any modern production line.

  • Fully Automated Production Line for Power Cord Plug Manufacturing

    Introducing our high-quality, fully automated production line for power cord plug manufacturing - featuring plug crimping and injection molding processes. Our automatic power cord plug production line is ideal for businesses seeking to improve productivity, reduce labor costs, and increase efficiency.

  • Cable Hydraulic Terminal Crimping Machine

    The intelligent hydraulic terminal crimping machine (WL-Y20T) is primarily used for crimping large-sized terminals of new energy vehicle charging cables. It has a broad range of applications and can accommodate 2000 single-piece molds, four-point molds, new energy shielding ring molds, and upper and lower punching molds, among others.

  • Coax Cable Stripping Machine WL-4520

    The semi-automatic coaxial cable stripping machine is mainly used for processing of coaxial cables and special single wires.


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