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Automatic Zipper Cutter Machine Automatic Zipper Cutter Machine

This automatic zipper cutting machine is also suitable for cutting textile belt, nylon webbing, colored ribbon, backpack belt, etc.

  • WL-850
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  • Description
  • Technical Data
  • Automatic operation: it works automatically only by setting length and quantity.

  • Cutting speed: 120pcs/min.  

  • Cutting type: cutting is neat due to using a cold cutter which is durable.

  • Feeding speed: 6500mm/min.                                      

  • Automatic stopper: it stops automatically if materials run out during operation.

  • Memory: Set-length, set-quantity & set-speed are not erased even if power off & on.

  • Cutting shapes: straight, circle, rounded corner, chamfered and more shapes.

  • The frequency of cutting knife can be adjusted according to the thickness of raw material.

Cutting length1-99999mm
Cutting width110mm
Cutting speedpcs/min
Knifecold knife
Packing size38x32x30 (LxWxH)cm

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