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Floor-standing Wire Twist Tie Machine with Digital Counter Floor-standing Wire Twist Tie Machine with Digital Counter

This floor-standing wire twist tie machine comes with a digital counter. It is suitable for processing of wires of 1-8mm diameter.

  • WL-L100
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  • Description
  • Technical Data
  • Function: counting meters, winding, and tying

  • The finished product is very neat, being a good helper for bundling wires

  • Available wire size:1-8mm

  • The number of turns can be arbitrarily set and the winding speed can be adjusted

  • Equipped with 4 stepping motors

  • Using PLC computer program touch screen control

Available wire size1-8mm
Bundling diameter18-65 mm
Winding coil inner diameter50 - 280 mm
Winding coil outer diameter350 mm
Max coil weight2.5 kg
Winding speed1-13 cycle/s
PowerAC220V 50hz/110v 60HZ
Power Rating2500 w
Dimension1000*450*800 mm
Net weight230 kg



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