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Heavy Duty Wire Prefeeder System Heavy Duty Wire Prefeeder System

Enhancing productivity and efficiency in cable management, our heavy duty cable feeder machine sets a new standard in heavy-duty cable handling. Designed to streamline operations and optimize workflow, this state-of-the-art equipment revolutionizes cable management processes across various industries. With its robust construction, advanced features, and unparalleled performance, our heavy duty cable feeder machine is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking reliable and efficient cable handling.

  • WL-F610
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○ Main frame material: made of high-quality carbon steel, sheet metal is bent and welded, with solid structure and beautiful appearance. 
○ Sensing method: adaptive stepless speed regulation without manual intervention.        
○ Speed feedback: when the wire stripping machine is working, the tension wheel moves accordingly, and the potentiometer is driven to rotate through the sprocket. The potentiometer will feedback the signal to the frequency converter to control the speed of the pay-off motor, thereby controlling the pay-off speed to be synchronized with the wire stripping machine. 
○ Tension adjustment: adjust the number of counterweights and adjust the tension through the lever principle.

Model WL-F610  
Pay-off power 0.75kw reduction motor with vector inverter, the inverter controls the pay-off speed. 
Maximum pay-off speed 100 meters/minute   
Maximum wire diameter 20mm       
Applicable wire reel range φ300-700mm 
Coil width maximum width 610mm
Maximum loading weight 500Kg 
Tension wheel The tension wheel is divided into an upper fixed wheel set and a lower moving wheel set. The diameter of the tension wheel is 140mm.

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