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Copper Wire Coil Tape Winding Machine Copper Wire Coil Tape Winding Machine

This wire coil tape winding machine is suitable for wrapping tape on transformer coils, magnetic core coils, resistance coils, relay coils, etc.

  • WL-TP03
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○ Tape inner ring: 34mm, 77mm.

○ Two-axis tape wrapping, the tape axis distance can be adjusted from 25mm-85mm.

○ The position of the tape can be fine-tuned, and the tensioner can be adjusted.

○ Different products can be replaced with different fixtures.

○ Suitable for transformer coils, relay coils and other wire coils.  

Model WL-TP03
Power 220V/AC, 50HZ, 60W
Weight 30KG
Dimensions 250*550*300MM
Working speed 46pcs/min
Tolerance range ±0.2MM

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