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Wire Cable Heat-shrink Tubing Heating Machine Wire Cable Heat-shrink Tubing Heating Machine

Heat Shrink Oven for wire harness is standalone equipment designed for shrinking heat shrink sleeves commonly used in the military, aerospace, and cable assembly houses.

  • WL-H200A
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  • Heat Shrink Oven reduces the time of using a heat shrink gun by almost 80%, saving you both time and money on labor and energy usage.

  • Equipment composition: Transmission system + heating system + control system

  • Power Regulation Control Temperature: The heating power is controlled by a solid-state voltage regulator, and the potentiometer is steplessly adjusted to achieve the effect of temperature control.

  • Continuous operation can be carried out, greatly ensuring work efficiency.

  • Heat insulation design of heating zone: The shell of the heating area is designed with double layer heat insulation, which makes the inside and outside temperature separate, that is to save energy and protect the working environment.

  • Adjustable input and output height: The conveyor belt heating box is completely closed, and the input and output end of the heating box has a sliding door that can rise and fall, effectively preventing the heat source from leakage, protecting the working environment, energy conservation, and increasing the machine's ability to use one machine in many different jobs.

  • Adjustable infrared heating pipe height: The infrared heating tube can adjust the height quickly. Ensure repeatability of distance between light source and conveyor belt.

  • Adjustable heating tube power: The power of heating tube can be adjusted steplessly by potentiometer.

Model WL-H200A
Overall machine size(L×W×H)  1000×460×465mm 
Control power(L×W×H) 200×150×200mm 
Heating area(L×W) 520×460mm 
Belt width 200mm 
Maximum transmission width 250mm 
Maximum transmission height  100mm(Adjustable) 
Conveyor belt  Material Teflon 
Speed 1~3.5m/min 
The power of motor 25W(Stepless speed regulation) 
Heating pipe name Infrared heating tube 
Heating pipe power 300W*6 
Power Supply   220V 
Efficiency  1860W 



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