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Wire and Cable Prefeeding Dereeler Machine Wire and Cable Prefeeding Dereeler Machine

The wire and cable prefeeding dereeler machine handles 600 mm reels weighing up to 60 kg and is ideal for tension-free prefeeding to an automatic wire and cable processing machine.

  • WL-F380
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○ This fully automatic wire feeder eliminates the trouble of manual wire feeding. It is suitable for various wires and cables.

○ Main body material: welded with high quality national standard rectangular tube, the structure is firm and the appearance is beautiful

○ Maximum feeding speed is 4 m/s, and maximum wire diameter is 18mm

○ Cable spool max diameter: 600mm

○ Max Load weight: 60KG

Model WL-F380
Function High-speed feeding and rewinding cable and wire
Feeding cable type Wire, cable, PVC cable, etc.
Cable range 0.5-10mm2
Speed 0-4M/s
Cable max diameter Φ18
Cable spool max diameter 600mm
Max load weight 60kg
Induction type proximity switch, multi-speed
Drive type Inverter + motor + reducer

The machine can be customized for processing special cables,

and the sample cable should be sent to us for test.



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