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Webbing Tape Cutting Sewing Machine Webbing Tape Cutting Sewing Machine

This is an automatic woven tape cutting and sewing machine. It adopts hot melt cutting to ensure good cutting effect.

  • WL-865
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○ 7 inch touch screen, PLC programmable control

○ Adopt automatic centering device to quickly identify the center.

○ Hot-cut fusion is adopted, the fusion-cutting effect is good, and the edges are not loose.

○ It adopts winding, sewing and cutting methods, which are fast and efficient.

○ Equipped with disconnection and material shortage alarm stop device to save material.

Model WL-865
Cutting width 1-95mm
Cutting length 1-99999mm
Power supply AC220V, 10A, 2.6KW
Air Pressure 0.5-0.6Mpa
Efficiency 20pcs/min (L=200mm)
Weight 200kg
Dimensions 155*69*130cm



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