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Visual Positioning Corrugated Tube Cutting Machine Visual Positioning Corrugated Tube Cutting Machine

This automatic tube cutting machine is easy to operate, accurate in positioning, high in precision and long in service life. It can process various plastic pipes used in chemical , medical and other industries.

  • WL-BW08
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○ The tube cutting machine is intelligent, using visual positioning;

○ Simple operation, accurate positioning, high precision and long service life;

○ Belt traction, no indentation;

○ Automatic collection system, efficient and convenient;

○ Can process multi-section plastic pipes used in chemical and medical industries.

Model WL-BW08
Control system PLC plus man-machine interface
Positioning method Visual imaging positioning
Cutting method Cylinder clamping and cutting
Stroke 30mm
Power 220V 50-60Hz 300W
Cutting range 4-45mm (depending on the material)
Cutting tolerance ±0.2
Speed 10-60 pcs/minute (depending on the length) 



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