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Visual Positioning Convoluted Tube Crest & Trough Cutting Machine Visual Positioning Convoluted Tube Crest & Trough Cutting Machine

This is a visual positioning corrugated pipe crest and trough cutting machine. It is suitable for cutting long length corrugated pipes with high cutting precision.

  • WL-SJBF01
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○ Visual positioning, precise cutting of crests and troughs

○ Features splitting function

○ Touch screen, PLC control, digital operation

○ Integrated circuit, stable control and simple maintenance

○ Precise cutting of crests and troughs

Model WL-SJBF01
Display 21.5 inch color display
Function precise cutting at specified position (crests and troughs)
Processing range φ4-32mm
Cutting length 30mm-999999.99mm
Cutting tolerance within 0.003*L (L=cutting length)
Max. diameter of guiding pipe Φ35mm
Productivity 3000 pcs/hour (depending on the length and size of the tube)
Position detection method visual detection
Cutting point error ±0.2mm
Camera field of view 40mm
Drive mode 10-wheel drive; servo motor optional
Feeding method belt feeding, no embossing and no scratches on the pipe
Lifting operation mode digital adjustment of the height of the pinch roller
Cutting power servo motor
Splitting speed adjustment touch screen stepless speed adjustment
Splitting adjustment method touch screen digital adjustment
Splitting position 1. Any position
2. Any length
3. Continuously split
Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz; 110V 50/60Hz optional
Air supply No air supply required
Dimensions (L*W*H) 680*570*1200mm
Weight 150kg

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