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Toroidal Inductor Coil Winder Machine Toroidal Inductor Coil Winder Machine

We bring forth a range of toroidal coil winding machines that are used in the winding applications of various types of coils, such as dimmer transformers, CTs, stabilizers, sound amplifiers, etc. These machines are manufactured using premium quality components using cutting edge technology. We also stringently test these machines to ensure them meet the international industrial norms.

  • WL-5805-S4
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○ Applicable range of wire diameter: 0.05-0.25mm

○ Stable pulling force, small inner diameter, fast winding speed, no damage to the wire

○ It is suitable for winding products with small diameter and many turns, such as primary and secondary windings of small toroidal transformers, primary windings of high-power toroidal transformers, and transformer coils.

○ The wire storage ring of different widths can be replaced on the same model to meet the wire storage capacity and complete inner diameter of products of different sizes, and the application range is wider.

○ Suitable for winding enameled copper wire, enameled aluminum wire, steel wire, nylon wire and more, which can be used for coil processing of products in various industries.

Model WL-5805-S4
Wire size 0.05-0.25mm
Number of turns 50-3000T
Magnetic ring specifications 13*7*4-20*16*7.5mm
Storage ring width 2.0-6.0mm
Speed 0-2800
Number of memory groups 1000
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Weight 40KG
Dimensions 900mm*700mm*600mm

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