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Tensile Testing Equipment for Wire Tensile Testing Equipment for Wire

This is a high-precision testing instrument for processing wire and cable tensile testing for wire harness manufacturing industry.

  • WL-TT03
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○ This is a discontinued machine model. You can replace it with WL-TT05.

○  Processing wire and cable tensile testing for wire harness manufacturing industry

○  Special fast jig for wire harness, automatic test, force sensor adopts original NTS sensor imported from Japan

○  The loading device is driven by motor, and the load measurement adopts imported load sensor with high precision and stability

○  The control part adopts full digital microprocessor control, force value LCD display and expandable PC interface for convenient data processing

○  The wire tensile testing machine is compact, easy-to-use, accurate in control, high in measurement accuracy, and convenient for specimen mounting. ○ It is the ideal equipment for wire harness manufacturers to ensure product quality

Measuring range0~1000(N)or  0~100(Kg)
Unit of measurementkilogram(Kg)/Newton(N)
Display6-digit LCD display
Sensor accuracy+0.2% (full scale)
Power supply voltage220V/50Hz; 110V/60Hz
Working environment-10℃~50℃
Maximum stroke43(mm)

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