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Tape Point Wrapping Machine for Wire Tape Point Wrapping Machine for Wire

This semi-automatic wire and cable taping machine is mainly used for wrapping insulation tape onto thin wires and small cables, playing the role of marking, fixing and insulating.

  • WL-XBD305
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○ Servo motor drive, higher precision and efficiency.

○ Knife edge non-stick

○ Nano-material soft brush ensures good wrapping effect.

○ There is no need to change accessories to switch between different widths of tape.

○ Fixture induction automatic winding

○ Pneumatic clamps are used to ensure that the products are firmly placed during the taping process and the fit is more stable

Model WL-XBD305
Tape width 5-20MM, no need to disassemble and switch
Tape length 22-60MM
Tape type PVC tape, cloth tape, velvet tape, high temperature resistant fiberglass tape, etc.
Outer diameter 5-19MM
Dimensions 420 L * 400 W * 320mm H
Power supply 220V/AC

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