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Precise Tape Spot Wrapping Machine Precise Tape Spot Wrapping Machine

This semi-automatic wiring harness spot tape winding machine is suitable for fixing, marking and labeling.

  • WL-DC20G
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○ Application: fixing, marking

○ Wire length: > 55mm; distance from wire end to tape: > 15mm

○ Compared with manual insulating tape winding, the working time can be reduced by 50%, and the running time is about 1.6 seconds.

○ Compared with thermal expansion hoses and caps, adhesive tape can save up to 80% of the cost. The amount of tape can be estimated.

○ Marking and wrapping tape in the middle of the wire harness under no stress

○ The number of wrapping layers can be set, the number of wrapping layers can be set, and the length of the tape can be set.

○ There is no need to manually take the thread. After the manipulator clamps the thread, it is automatically sent to the wrapping position to save manpower.

Model WL-DC20G
Power supply single phase 220V/50Hz
Power 500W
Pneumatic connection 4-5 bar
Wrapping diameter 5-10mm
Tape width 5-18mm
Tape length 30-100
Diameter of tape roll core 30-80mm
Weight 30kg
Dimensions 600x4500x500mm




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