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Wire Sleeve Inserting Crimping and Tinning Machine Wire Sleeve Inserting Crimping and Tinning Machine

This is a fully automatic wire processing machine. It can process cable cutting, stripping, single-ended insulating sleeve insertion, single-ended crimping, single-ended twisting and tinning in one go.

  • WL-ZXH01
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○ Function: cable cutting, stripping, single end insulating sleeve insertion, single end crimping, single end twisting and tinning.

Model WL-ZXH01
Stripping range 0-15mm
Wire cutting tolerance ±0.2%
Processing length 50-9900mm
Processing efficiency 1500pcs/h, within 300mm
Crimping force 2-3T
Wire size AWG16-26# 1007 single wire
Applicator OTP horizontal applicator, vertical applicator
Wire sleeves 187, 250, 110 and other straight tubular sleeves
Power AC 220V 2.5KW
Air 0.5-0.7MPa
Dimensions 750mm*950mm*1600mm (excluding accessories)
Weight 280KG

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