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Wire Shrink Tube Marking and Shrinking Machine Wire Shrink Tube Marking and Shrinking Machine

This is a semi-automatic wire harness processing machine. It can insert, mark and shrink the wire heat shrinkable tubes in one go.

  • WL-DMRS01
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○ PLC and IPC control, simple operation, stable work and high efficiency.

○ Through the IPC software, the printing characters can be set freely, and different labels can be set and printed on multi-core cables. The heat shrinkable tube is automatically fed and cut, the heating length can be freely set with the fixture, and the heating position can be adjusted by the positioning device.

○ The production capacity can reach 700-1500 pieces/hour (depending on the speed of the operator).

○ The equipment has high compatibility, and the processing of various specifications of wires can be realized by changing the fixture.

○ Equipped with an automatic take-up device.

○ Using thermal transfer technology, the printing font is clear, waterproof and oil-proof, the printing accuracy is 300dpi, and it has a memory function.

○ Printing color: black, white, red

○ Digital temperature control, monitor the abnormal condition of the heating device.

○ Support system one-key recovery

Model WL-DMRS01
Input voltage 220V-AC
Frequency 50/60HZ
Rated power 1450W
Display 12-inch multi-point capacitive screen
Operating cycle 2.5 seconds
System control method PLC and IPC
Tube diameter φ2.0mm/φ6.0mm
Heating length 6-35mm (optional fixture)
Heating temperature 0℃-380℃ (adjusted by thermostat)
Air pressure 5.5/6.5KPa
Operating temperature 0℃-50℃
Storage temperature -20℃-60℃
Operating humidity 10%-90%RH (non-condensing)
Anti-interference ability interference voltage: 1500Vp-p
pulse period: 1us
Duration 1 minute
Cooling method forced air cooling
Dimensions L 740*W 640*H 1270mm
Weight 82KG

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