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Shrink Tube Heater Machine Shrink Tube Heater Machine

WL-200B-Z heat-shrinkable tube heating machine is suitable for heat-shrinkable PE heat-shrinkable tubes, PVC heat-shrinkable tubes, double-wall adhesive heat-shrinkable tubes, etc., and can be installed on the assembly line.

  • WL-200B-Z
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Temperature adjustment

The air outlet is equipped with a temperature sensor, which can adjust the temperature according to the needs. Temperature control accuracy ±1°C; operating temperature <395°C. Digital display temperature.

Air outlet direction can be adjusted

The air outlet of this machine can blow hot air upwards and downwards, which is convenient to use.

Heat insulation

The multi-fiber insulation cotton is insulated from heat, and the sturdy casing is safe and reliable to use, which can effectively maintain high temperature work.

High heat exchange efficiency

Ingenious wind tunnel design, the air passes through the inside/outside of the spiral heating wire evenly, the heat exchange is nearly 100%, the wind pressure loss is small, and the flow rate is small.

Model WL-200B-Z
Package size (LXWXH) mm:600*290*380
Net weight 8.5 KG
Gross weight 14.5 KG
Machine power 2.05KW
Noise decibel 42
Air outlet  
Curved round mouth diameter 26mm (standard)
Extended plum-shaped round mouth diameter 26mm (optional)
Straight round mouth diameter 26mm (optional)
U-shaped air outlet optional
Single air outlet standard
Insulation design multi-fiber insulation cotton insulation layer
Heating system
Heating method resistance wire heating
Life (<350℃) > 10000h
Power 2KW
Temperature control range
Safe use temperature <395℃
Temperature control accuracy ±3℃
Centrifugal fan 50W
Air volume 198m2/h
Wind pressure 298pa
Power supply 220V, 50Hz

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