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Pre-Insulated Tubular Terminal Servo Pressing Machine Pre-Insulated Tubular Terminal Servo Pressing Machine

The pre-insulated tube terminal servo crimping machine is an ideal machine for industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications where reliable and accurate crimping is required. It is equipped with a user-friendly interface and an intuitive control panel that make operation easy and efficient. Moreover, this machine is cost-effective and energy-efficient, making it the perfect choice for any production line.

  • WL-P16
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○ The pre-insulated tube terminal servo crimping is a highly advanced and reliable crimping machine that offers improved speed, accuracy, and repeatability.

○ This machine ensures that the crimped terminals are in perfect alignment, making them secure and reliable.

○ Integrated operation: vibrating plate feeding, electric wire clamping, electric stripping, electric twisting, terminal insertion, and servo crimping.

○ Touch screen operation, electric adjustment of penetration distance, and setting parameters are saved and can be recalled directly.

Model WL-P16
Functions Cable stripping, twisting, terminal inserting and crimping
Applicable specs 0.3 mm2 - 16 mm2
Stripping length 6-30mm
Detect alarm detect lack of terminals
Production capacity about 4s/pcs (depending on wire)
Power supply AC220V/50Hz (single phase) 10A
Internal power supply DC24V, DC30V, AC30V
Total power 1200W
Air source 0.5-0.6Mpa(please use clean and dry air)
Working temperature and humidity 0-35℃ (the ambient temperature of the machine), 30~80%HR (no condensation).
Dimensions W360mm×L520mm×H425mm(excluding protrusions)
Weight about 62KG  

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