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Servo Motor Wire Both Ends Terminal Crimping Machine Servo Motor Wire Both Ends Terminal Crimping Machine

This is a fully automatic servo motor driven cable cutting stripping and double-ended terminal crimping machine.

  • WL-SFST02
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○ Function: wire cutting, double-end twisting, single-end crimping, and double-end crimping.

○ Exquisite appearance, compact structure, space saving, beautiful design

○ Computer touch screen, easy to operate

○ Parts replacement is simple and fast, full digital troubleshooting, easy maintenance

○ Efficient servo motor drive, high precision and fast speed

Model WL-SFST02
Power supply AC220V/50/60HZ single phase
Capacity 1400 pieces/hour (length<300mm)
Wire range AWG14 - AWG28
Cutting length 65mm - 9999mm (special length can be customized)
Cutting accuracy 1mm+cutting length*0.2% or less
Stripping and twisting length 7mm - 12mm
Crimping capacity 2.0 tons (3.0T optional)
Air pressure 4 - 6kgf (clean and dry air is required)
Detection device optical fiber induction, detection of wire presence, detection of terminal crimping, blockage detection, low air pressure detection
Dimensions 700W x 800L x 1500H(mm)
Weight about 358kg

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