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Cable One Side Rubber Seals Inserting and Housing Shell Assembly Machine Cable One Side Rubber Seals Inserting and Housing Shell Assembly Machine

In the realm of industrial manufacturing, we proudly present the wire one-side rubber seals insertion and housing insertion machine. This cutting-edge apparatus revolutionizes the process of inserting rubber seals onto a single side of wires, while simultaneously housing them with utmost precision and efficiency.

  • WL-FSCJK601
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○ Main functions: wire cutting and stripping, both sides crimping, single side rubber seals inserting and single side connector housing assembly.

○ Supports non-standard customization, and can also flexibly expand multiple additional functions: twisting, soldering, inserting heat shrinkable tubes and number tubes, etc.

○ Our state-of-the-art machine boasts unrivaled capabilities, ensuring seamless integration of rubber seals onto wires with unparalleled accuracy. By employing advanced technology and innovative engineering, we have crafted a solution that optimizes productivity and quality, while minimizing human error.

○ The wire one-side rubber seal insertion and housing machine is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of various industries. Its versatility allows for seamless integration into production lines, guaranteeing a smooth and uninterrupted workflow. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, operators can effortlessly navigate the machine, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

○ Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the machine's functionality. We have meticulously crafted every component using premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity. This guarantees that our machine will withstand the rigors of demanding industrial environments, providing reliable performance for years to come.

○ Furthermore, we understand the importance of safety in the workplace. Hence, our machine is equipped with comprehensive safety features, meticulously designed to protect operators and prevent accidents. This commitment to safety underscores our dedication to creating a secure and conducive working environment.

○ In conclusion, the wire one-side rubber seal insertion and housing machine represents the pinnacle of innovation in the manufacturing industry. Its cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interface, and unwavering commitment to safety make it an indispensable asset for any production line. Experience the transformative power of our machine and elevate your manufacturing processes to new heights of efficiency and precision.



Power supply

AC220V 50/60Hz 10A


about 2.0 seconds/piece  

Gas source

0.5MPa, about 170N/min

Wire color

1-8 (standard 6 colors)

Cutting length


Cutting accuracy


Stripping length


Wire range


Crimping force

2T servo crimping machine x2 




about 500kg


CCD visual inspection; CFM


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