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Cable Two Ends Rubber Seals Inserting and Crimping Machine Cable Two Ends Rubber Seals Inserting and Crimping Machine

In the realm of cable manufacturing, the cable two-ends rubber seal insertion and crimping machine stands as a pinnacle of precision and efficiency. This cutting-edge apparatus is designed to flawlessly insert and crimp rubber seals onto both ends of cables, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

  • WL-FS455
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○ The new modular design, ball screw, and rotary reduction structure design realize standardization of parts production, simplified assembly, and intelligent operation. There is no need to replace mechanical parts (except wearing parts) during the entire service life of the whole machine.
○ The MES version of the intelligent operating system can import form processing data, accept MES system scheduling, and can be upgraded online and controlled remotely. Optional two-layer wire take-up with a maximum length of 10 meters can discharge unqualified products and improve the qualification rate of finished wire harnesses.
○ Optional 40\30 stroke mold has strong adaptability. Greatly improve production efficiency and machine intelligence.
○ Built-in encoder, accurate length, built-in pressure monitoring and fault alarm, tracking feeding without indentation, standard waste paper rewinding, waste tape cutting, rubber collection, process sheet printer.
○ The inkjet printer automatically changes characters online, and the line length required for each character change does not exceed 50mm. Production records are traceable, including the actual length, crimping height, crimping force, qualified quantity, etc. of each product.



Wire feeding speed 10m/s
Length range 60mm to 10000mm
Total length error <1‰
Stripping length 0.1-15 mm
Wire size 0.3-6.0 mm2
Crimping force 4000KG
Input power 220V; 50/60Hz; 3x 2.5mm2
Air source pressure 0.6
Air consumption 6.5 m3/h (excluding accessories)
Weight 1500KG

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