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Rotary Webbing Shape Cutting Machine Rotary Webbing Shape Cutting Machine

This ultrasonic rotary blade ribbon shape cutting machine is suitable for cutting gift wrapping tapes, strips, silk ribbons, webbing, woven belts, etc.

  • WL-80X
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○ Easy to operate, no need to change the die

○ Servo motor drive, no noise

○ Speed: 120pcs/min

○ Using Swedish titanium steel knife: the cut is complete and smooth, no burrs, no loose edges, and the shearing effect is excellent.

○ PLC console, automatic feeding, computer counting, high precision, fast speed, and high efficiency, can cut multiple pieces at the same time.

○ Suitable for cutting gift wrapping tapes, strips, ribbons, etc. 

○ Cutting shapes: trapezoid cutting, straight cutting, oblique cutting, dovetail and other shapes

○ Good cutting effect, low energy consumption, low noise, sustainable work more than 100 hours

Model WL-80X
Frequency 18KHZ
Voltage 220V
Air source 0.5-0.6MPa
Power 2.4KW
Size 1,050*600*850MM
Weight 120KG
Speed 120pcs/min
Max. cutting width 70mm
Cutting length 1-99,999mm
Knife properties No difference for cold or hot knife

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