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The rotary blade cut to length machine is a highly efficient and precise piece of equipment used in various industries such as automotive, steel, and packaging.

  • WL-583
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○ This machine is designed to accurately cut materials such as plastic, paperboard, or metal into desired lengths with exceptional speed and accuracy. 
○ It features a rotating blade that smoothly moves across the material, ensuring clean and straight cuts with minimal operator intervention. 
○ The advanced control system allows for customization of cutting parameters such as length, width, and quantity, making it suitable for various production needs. 
○ Additionally, this machine's versatility enables it to handle different types and thicknesses of materials, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers looking for flexibility. 
○ With its robust construction and user-friendly interface, the rotary blade cut to length machine offers customers high productivity levels while minimizing waste and labor costs.

Model WL-583
Control system motion control board plus man-machine interface
Cutting method Circumferential (material surface) rotary cutting
Applicable types honeycomb tubes, paper tubes, PVC hard tubes, etc., pipes with wall thickness less than 5mm, cut to fixed length
Cutter power 0.4KW
Rotating Motor Servo Motor
Feeding method track feeding
Feed method Cylinder feed
Output method conveyor belt output
Power supply 220V 50-60HZ
Air pressure 0.5-0.7Mp
Power 1000W            
Cutting diameter ø5-ø30mm
Length error L*0.005 (L=cut length)
Speed 20-100 pieces/minute (depending on length)
Size 1020X530X1300 (excluding protrusions)
Weight about 270Kg   

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