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Wire 2-side Terminal Crimping and Number Tube Inserting Machine Wire 2-side Terminal Crimping and Number Tube Inserting Machine

This fully automatic cable double-side crimping and number tube insertion machine is able to process wire cutting, stripping, inserting number tubes, heat shrinking number tubes and crimping terminals at both ends.

  • WL-SYSC01
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○ Optional innovative crimping module, the same station does not need to replace the vibrating plate to achieve the same type of multi-standard terminal crimping. The servo terminal crimping automatically adjusts the crimping force according to the wire diameter, greatly improving the production efficiency.

○ The machine can automatically print and insert the number tube. The length can be set arbitrarily within the range of 15~35mm, and the direction of the number tube can be adjusted automatically, which can adapt to the number tube of different material types.

○ With multi-wire synchronous production and grouping function, it can realize 2-wire, 4-wire, 6-wire and multiple-wire production and grouping at the same time, no need to change wires, and the efficiency is doubled.

○ Advanced production self-detection function, realizes self-detection of missing wire, self-detection of missing number tube, self-detection of wire feeding motor overload, and optional terminal crimping pressure management device, terminal crimping visual image detection system, etc.

○ The supporting data conversion software is seamlessly connected with the automatic routing software, which can quickly realize the conversion of design data into production and processing work orders, and can be directly uploaded to the processing machine through the network.

○ The MES production execution system can be selected as an option to realize equipment operation data collection, material cost statistics, comprehensive information summary display, etc., and the operation status and cost can be easily controlled.

Model WL-SYSC01
Functions wire cutting, stripping, number tube feeding, printing, number tube inserting/heat shrinking and crimping terminals at both ends
Capacity 13-18/min (average test value)
Wire diameter 0.3mm2-2.5mm2 (larger wire diameter can be customized)
Wire cutting length 220mm-3000mm   
Stripping length 1mm-12mm
Tube cutting length 15mm-37mm
Cutting accuracy 0.5mm+cutting length*0.2% or less
Crimping capacity Servo terminal crimping 3.0T
Air pressure 0.6~0.7Mpa (clean and dry air source)
Power supply AC220V/50HZ (single phase)
Detection device wire missing detection, number tube detection, ribbon detection
Dimensions 6000L*3000W*1800H(mm)
Weight about 600kg
Optional system

1.Terminal pressure management device and terminal visual inspection system

2. Production execution system


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