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MI Cable Stripping and Exposing Machine MI Cable Stripping and Exposing Machine

Using the power of air pressure for processing, the rotation of the motor drives the cutter and the top wheel mold, so that the workpiece can be cut or grooved as required. The power of air pressure is used to drive the spring to indirectly push the mold. The cylinder pressure instantly changes to a flexible pressurization method to make better contact between the workpiece and the ultrasonic vibrator. The ultrasonic wave emits ultrasonic power to generate high-frequency vibration. The object to be processed can vibrate out the aluminum-magnesium powder in the tube as needed to expose the inner core armor wire or heating wire, etc.

  • BT-28/ZF-08
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○ Crafted with the highest quality materials, our machine guarantees exceptional durability and longevity, ensuring optimum performance for years to come. Its advanced technology enables seamless and efficient stripping of armour material cores, allowing you to save valuable time and resources.

○ Equipped with a range of innovative features, our armour material core stripping and exposing machine sets new industry standards. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make operation a breeze, even for those with minimal experience. With customizable settings, you can easily adjust the machine to suit your specific requirements, ensuring precise and accurate results every time.  

Model BT-28
Rated power 120W Air pressure: 0-6KG
Power supply voltage 220V
Motor speed 1300R/MIN
Weight 48KG
Processing outer diameter size standard sizes: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, (2mm, 8mm and other specifications need to be purchased separately).
Model ZF-08
Rated power 2600W
Air pressure 0-6KG
Power supply voltage 220V
Working mode automatic frequency tracking and frequency locking
Weight 30KG
Processing outer diameter size standard size: 2-10mm

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