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KN95 Mask Body Making Machine KN95 Mask Body Making Machine

The high-speed kn95 mask machine adopts ultrasonic welding technology to automatically produce 2-5 layers of butterfly mask body (such as 3M company's 9001, 9002 series masks).

  • WL- KN95DP
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  • Description
  • Technical Data
  • The equipment produces the main body of the butterfly shape KN95 mask through the cooperation of the feeding system, the fabric forming system, and the nose clip forming and cutting system.

  • Process: roll material loading, nose bridge loading, mask pattern welding, mask main body cutting.

  • In order to respond to the market demand, the mold can be simply replaced to suit the production of various butterfly shape mask bodies. 

KN95 Mask Slice Machine

Working power supply220VAC ± 5%, 50HZ
Rated powerabout 4KW
Working environmenttemperature 10-35℃, temperature 5-35% HR, no dust (cleanness not less than 100,000 grade)
Production efficiency80-100PCS / min
Nose bridge methodBuilt-in nose bridge clip
Weightabout 400KG
Dimensions6,200mm (L) X1,000mm (W) X1,600mm (H)

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