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Inner Conductor Stripping and Twisting Machine Inner Conductor Stripping and Twisting Machine

The core wire stripping and twisting machine is an essential piece of equipment in various industries, particularly the automotive and electronics sectors. This machine is designed to efficiently strip insulation from wires, saving time and effort for workers. Additionally, it can twist multiple wires together simultaneously, ensuring a secure connection for electrical circuits.

  • WL-603HN
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○ With its advanced features, our core wire stripping and twisting Machine offers unparalleled precision and reliability. It effortlessly strips and twists the outer insulation of wires, saving you valuable time and effort. The machine's cutting-edge technology ensures clean and precise cuts, minimizing the risk of damage to the core wire.
○ Equipped with a user-friendly interface, this machine allows for easy customization and adjustment of stripping and twisting parameters. Its intuitive controls enable operators to swiftly adapt to different wire sizes and insulation materials, ensuring consistent and accurate results every time.
○ Safety is paramount, and our core wire stripping and twisting machine prioritizes it. It is equipped with multiple safety mechanisms, including emergency stop buttons and protective shields, to ensure the well-being of operators and prevent accidents.
○ Built to withstand rigorous industrial environments, this machine boasts a robust construction and high-quality materials. Its durability guarantees long-lasting performance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
○ Investing in our core wire stripping and twisting machine means investing in efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Streamline your wire processing operations and elevate your business to new heights with this cutting-edge solution. Trust in our professional-grade machine to deliver exceptional results, time and time again.



Display method

7-inch human-machine interface


cable cutting, outer jacket and inner conductor stripping, core wire twisting

Wire type

Single-core wire, multi-core cable, sheathed wire, wire, PVC, etc.

Processing range

0.75 - 30 mm2 (including sheathed wire below 10 cores)

Cut off length


Minimum total peeling length

Total length--Front end peeling length--Rear end peeling length>120mm

Cutting tolerance

Within 0.002*L (L=cutting length)


Internal and external peeling length


Front stripping: 10-200mm of outer sheath is completely removed, 1-50mm of inner core wire is removed

After stripping: completely remove the outer sheath 10-80mm, inner core wire 1-50mm

Twisting stroke


The maximum diameter allowed to pass


Tool material

High quality imported high speed steel

Productivity (times/hour)

3500 PCS/hour, (sheathed wire 900pcs/H) depends on the length and size of the wire

Drive mode

16-wheel drive (feeding stepper motor, tool holder servo motor); Roptional servo feeding

Wire delivery method

Belt feeding, no embossing or scratches on the cable. (With peeling and pressing function)

Lifting operation mode

Digitally adjustable pressure wheel height

power supply

AC220V 50/60Hz; Roptional 110V 50/60Hz

Gas source

0.5Mpa clean air source

Dimensions (length*width*height)


net weight



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