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Hydraulic Cable Lugs Crimping Machine Hydraulic Cable Lugs Crimping Machine

The hydraulic crimping machine is mainly used for crimping large square terminals such as new energy vehicle charging connectors. It has a wide range of applications, and can be installed with 2000 single grain applicators, four-point applicators, new energy shielding ring applicators, and upper and lower crimping applicators.

  • WL-Y10T
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○ Microcomputer control system, one-key storage, can recall the crimping height of various terminals.

○ Height, speed, stroke, crimping force, and crimping time can be adjusted according to different products and applicators.

○ Using compressed air as the power source

○ High efficiency, convenient operation, less labor force, suitable for manual operation and automatic assembly line integration.

Model WL-Y10T
Working capacity 10T for 1-70mm2, 30T for 6-120mm2
Crimping force 10T-30T
Hydraulic crimping stroke 50mm
Work efficiency 20-40 times/minutes
Working air pressure 0.5MPA (0.3-0.7MPA)
Power supply AC 220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions L530*W400*H900mm
Weight 100/150KG

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