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Wire Housing Insertion and Tin Soldering Machine Wire Housing Insertion and Tin Soldering Machine

Our cable one end housing connector inserting and one end tinning machine is a versatile and efficient solution for your cable assembly needs. This machine is designed to streamline the process of inserting housing connectors onto one end of a cable, while also tinning the other end for a secure and reliable connection.

  • WL-CJKZX01
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○ Equipped with advanced technology, our machine ensures precise and accurate insertion of housing connectors, eliminating the risk of misalignment or damage to the cable. The tinning process is also automated, providing a consistent and uniform coating for optimal conductivity.

○ With a user-friendly interface and customizable settings, our machine can easily accommodate a wide range of cable sizes and connector types. Whether you are working with small gauge wires or larger cables, our machine can handle the job with precision and efficiency.

○ Investing in our cable one end housing connector inserting and one end tinning machine will not only increase productivity in your assembly process but also ensure the quality and reliability of your finished products. Trust in our machine to deliver consistent results and elevate the performance of your cable assemblies.

Model WL-CJKZX01
Function cutting, single-end stripping, double-end stripping, single-end twisting tinning, single-end crimping, single-end shell insertion (each function can be turned on or off separately)
Wire range 14AWG-32AWG (customizable if out of range)
Cutting length 35-800mm (customizable if out of range)
Stripping length front/rear: 6+9mm (customizable if out of range)
Twisting length rear 3-9mm (customizable if out of range)
Tinning length rear 0-9mm (customizable if out of range)
Housing insertion method multiple continuous insertions
Defective rate < 0.3% (defective products are automatically discharged)
CCD vision single lens (detection of stripping and shell insertion in place)
Production capacity Example: 1.25 terminal, 2P plastic housing shell, one out of ten, 450x10 groups per hour = 4500PCS
Detection device low pressure detection, motor abnormality detection, stripping size detection, wire missing detection, terminal crimping detection, whether the plastic shell is inserted in place detection

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