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Terminal Crimping & Housing Insertion Machine Terminal Crimping & Housing Insertion Machine

This equipment accepts customization and is mainly used for the processing of internal wiring harnesses for home appliances, automobiles, electronic products, etc.

  • WL-CJK03
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○ Two types of wires can be processed at the same time.

○ Side A: cutting, stripping, terminal crimping (two types of terminals at one end), inserting housing connector

○ Side B: cutting, stripping, twisting and tinning at the other end.

Model WL-CJK03
Voltage 220V/50Hz; 110V/60Hz
Power 3.6KW
Wire size AWG16-AWG28
Max. efficiency 1200PIN/H
Air pressure 4 - 6kgf (0.4-0.6Mpa)
Crimping capacity 1.5KN
Cutting length 40-3000mm (customizable)
Stripping length side A: 0.1-10mm, side B: 0.1-6mm
Max. pin No single row 16 holes, max.3 rows
Max. wire colors 20 colors
Connector size Min.5x6x3, Max. 40x25x25mm (customizable)
Test functions wire lack/knotted, terminal lack, stripping abnormal, CFM, insertion pull force, connector lack, NG rate
Optional devices cable prefeeder, transfer belt, CFM, CCD tester
NG rate setting function

alarm stop production: wire lack/knotted,terminal lack, connector lack, NG rate exceeds set value

Alarm to pick out and continue production abnormal stripping, abnormal crimping force, abnormal connector insertion tension, NG rate does not exceed the set value
Dimensions 260x120x158cm
Packing size 271x95x186cm;326x63x134cm; 262x146x112cm

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