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The standout feature of our heat shrink tube processing machine is its innovative infrared ring heating system. This cutting-edge technology ensures even and efficient heat shrinkage, providing you with impeccable results every time.

  • WL-RS01
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○ The equipment adopts infrared ring heating, which can heat shrink evenly and reach the set temperature quickly;

○ The equipment has a built-in cooling system, which can quickly cool the heating components after heat shrinkage;

○ Adjustable parameters: process temperature, heat shrink time, cooling time, etc.;

○ According to different product requirements, the heat shrink chamber can be easily and quickly replaced, and is suitable for different heat shrink tube sizes and product shapes;

○ The equipment can record and save dozens of product heat shrink parameters, which can be called directly when needed;

○ Automatic cold circulation inside the equipment can extend the service life of components and ensure low-temperature operation of the equipment shell;

○ The touch screen displays the current temperature, heat shrink cooling time, temperature curve, production data, etc. in real time;

Model WL-RS01
Working temperature 250℃~550℃
Power supply 220V@50HZ
Power Max. 2000W
Air pressure source 0.6Mpa
Thermocouple K type thermocouple
Heat shrink chamber Max. 120*120*74mm
Pipe diameter Max. 50mm
Weight 35KG
Dimensions (length*width*height) 530mm*500mm*400mm

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