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Electric Busbar Stripping Machine Electric Busbar Stripping Machine

This machine is designed to streamline and enhance your busbar peeling process. Crafted with precision and engineered to perfection, our electric busbar peeling machine offers unrivaled efficiency and accuracy. It effortlessly removes the insulation layer from busbars, ensuring a clean and smooth surface for optimal conductivity.

  • WL-BTP220SK
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○ The touch screen facilitates setting of cutting depth, cutting width, stripping length, positioning points, and common data storage (100 groups)

○ Special-shaped products (such as T-shaped) can be set to only cut without stripping. 2 cutting points can be set to automatically adjust the fixed points of each process.

○ The machine is equipped with a stripping waste collection device to facilitate the cleaning of the work surface.

Model WL-BTP220SK
Stripping distance 2-150MM, only pressing but not pulling can be applied to products with a position of 200MM
Maximum specification of copper busbar 8MM * 50MM (thickness*width)
Minimum specification of copper busbar 1MM * 10MM (thickness*width)
Dimensions 110*65*58 CM
Voltage AC220V

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